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One Technology....Hundreds of Applications

Whether you looking to improve your bat-speed, increase your sensitivity when trying to land that trophy bass, or just keep from slipping while on your boat, our proprietary High Traction Polymer (H.T.P) Technology delivers in a way that no other material can. Check out all of the different applications already taking advantage of TwinTack® technology...

Bat Grips

With the ultimate in non-slip performance, TwinTack® is the perfect pairing for the baseball & softball player looking for an increase in their performance. It's hydrophobic design performs in even the harshest environment while it's no-adhesive design makes it easy to install and uninstall.


When grip and feel are the only thing standing between you and the catch of a lifetime, TwinTack® is the only technology that delivers in any condition. Upgrade your rod with the comfort and security of TwinTack.

Paddle Sports

When waterproof grip performance is the only thing that matters...our proprietary H.T.P. technology stands up to the rigors of outdoor performance. Ideal for all different kids of paddle sports from kayaking, to stand up paddle boarding TwinTack® is the perfect accessory for your next adventure.

Mats / Flooring

TwinTack's H.T.P. technology offers non-slip security on boat decks and flooring. We can design the hardness, texture, and thickness of the polymer to dial in the desired feel underneath the foot. In addition, the texture helps manage moisture, offering an evacuation route for excess water while offering secure traction. Furthermore, TwinTack® is designed with UV inhibitors, giving the beautiful transparent polymer years of outdoor life.


WIth important work to get done, having a slippery grip is not an option. With durable, long lasting tackiness, TwinTack® grips are up to the task. Whether it's your favorite power tool or a trusted axe, our H.T.P. Technology makes sure you have the best grip where it matters most.