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At TwinTack®, we are more than just a company - we are inventors, we are engineers, we are product developers, and most importantly, we are problem solvers. From our company’s founding in 2020 we set out to solve a single unique problem: how to create the perfect grip. With more than 30 years in the sporting goods and consumer products industries we’ve dedicated our lives to developing cutting edge products that shift industry paradigms and improve the user experience. Our TwinTack® products live up to our own demanding standards of quality and performance. With hundreds of applications and market opportunities, we have focused our vision on a few key strategic product categories that truly deliver on the TwinTack®experience.


After decades of work in consumer products, the team was faced with a simple challenge…. how to make the perfect grip material. To answer that question, we asked ourselves, what is the perfect grip? To start, it must have great traction and tack to give the user control and to prevent slipping, without it being sticky. In addition, it must be durable enough to provide long lasting performance. Furthermore, it should look as great as it performs. On the surface it sounds simple, but it’s far from simple. Using standard materials and methods there’s always a tradeoff leading to products that have 1 or 2 of the key performance characteristics while sacrificing the others. Current products may have:

  • Great grip and tackiness, but is not durable and can’t withstand repeated use
  • Great graphics, but at the sacrifice of tackiness
  • Great durability, but dull design options and underperforming tackiness
  • Convenient installation technology, but sacrifices traction, durability, and graphic impact

Our first breakthrough came with the development of our proprietary H.T.P. (High Traction Polymer) technology. With our team’s deep background in polymer design, we were able to develop a formula that allowed for the perfect blend of attributes:

  • Ideal tackiness for great traction and slip resistance without feeling sticky
  • The perfect hardness to provide flexibility and durability at the same time
  • Transparent design with UV protection to prevent yellowing
  • 100% hydrophobic design to repel water and moisture

  • Our next breakthrough came when looking for ways to add design customization. We knew that we had to isolate the materials to deliver BOTH performance and design. When we started with developing our H.T.P. we asked ourselves, did such a material exist that provided a transparent window AND the required traction? After 2 years of development to perfect the perfect polymer we started looking for a solution that would give us the flexibility to create the most dynamic graphic designs in a way not currently possible with traditional grip technologies. We needed to identify a “canvas” that could apply high resolution imagery on a substrate compatible with the H.T.P., to give us the best of both worlds. After much research and trial and error we found the perfect match…polyester fabric printing. Polyester printing has been used in thousands of applications including the fashion industries and had the unique ability to be modified to deliver a specific level of stretch which was perfect for our application.

    Putting our H.T.P. and Polyester Printing together was the final piece of the TwinTack® puzzle and what sets our products apart from the rest of the market. By using a proprietary consolidation process, we have created a composite of materials that when combined truly deliver the best of all worlds. A transparent, UV resistant surface polymer that is tacky and durable protecting a high resolution digital printed fabric providing exciting graphics, tensile strength, and elasticity.