The grip that never slips

Introducing the next big thing in fishing



TwinTack's patent pending High traction polymer (H.T.P.) provides superior traction in any condition to prevent slipping when reeling in that catch of a lifetime. the added traction also provides greater rod control when casting into those hard to reach spots.


TwinTack grips are 100% hydrophobic and waterproof, giving you not only great traction but also excellent protection for your rod's foam and cork handles. with no adhesive required for installation you can unwrap and reuse without damaging your gear.


slip resistant performance provides added sensitivity so that you can feel even the most subtle bites. our advanced polymer design adds extra comfort for those all day fishing adventures.

How to Install - Introduction

How to Install - Spinning Rod

How to Install - Baitcaster

How to Install - Jigging or 2pc Rod

How to Install - Large Spinning Rod

How to Install - Gaff